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Visual Impairment Team

The Visual Impairment Team provides support to children and young people with visual impairment in pre-school, primary and secondary educational establishments. They also makes home visits where appropriate.

The team assists schools, parents and colleagues in the assessment and management of children who have visual difficulties. Referrals to the team usually come from the Community Paediatrician or via the educational Prescat system. Educational establishments can also make referrals to the team, with parental permission.

About the Visual Impairment Team

The Visual Impairment Team is part of East Ayrshire Support Team (EAST).

The team consists of an educational support base in Grange Academy, which has the facilities to cater for partially sighted and blind pupils of secondary age, and a peripatetic service which supports pupils with visual impairment within their own nursery, mainstream school or special school. It also offers a service to pre-3 children and their families.

The teachers within the team work across all areas of support. The team also has the support of an Educational Psychologist who has a special remit for visual impairment. It also works closely with Social Work and the Community Paediatrician.

What the Visual Impairment Team does

  • offers specialised assessment of children and young people with visual impairment
  • assists school staff and educational establishments who are making provision for a visually impaired young person in their understanding and management of the visual difficulty
  • advises on adaptations to materials, specialist resources or strategies necessary to support the young person
  • prepares or assists in the preparation of teaching materials for pupils, including Brailled text
  • provides advice and training on the use of appropriate technology to support pupils
  • provides a teaching or monitoring input as appropriate
  • participates in multi-disciplinary meetings for planning and review
  • works collaboratively with other agencies to provide coherent support for children and young people
  • arranges mobility training within the school environment and within the local community, organised in partnership with Social Work
  • provides information and support to parents of the children and young people
  • involves the pupils in decision making
  • supports the continuous professional development of staff in educational establishments

Visual stress

Download information about the characteristics of visual stress and how you can help

Policy statement

Download the Visual Impairment Service's Policy Statement.

Contact Information

Visual Impairment Service
Grange Academy Campus
Beech Avenue
01563 545958
East Ayrshire Support Team (EAST)
Crosshouse Campus
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