The Ayrshire Hearing Impairment Service supports the needs of hearing impaired children and their families from diagnosis until school leaving age.

Our Teachers of the Deaf (ToDs) and our Sign-Language Assistant visit children at home and in educational establishments throughout North, South and East Ayrshire.

Teacher of the deaf

A ToD is a qualified and experienced Primary/Secondary teacher who holds an additional qualification in teaching children with a hearing impairment. They have specific skills and specialist knowledge about deafness. Teachers of the Deaf continually update their own skills and knowledge and keep abreast with ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ and all mainstream initiatives.

Supporting you

ToDs understand the impact of a hearing loss. We can:

  • help you, and your extended family, to learn about your child’s hearing loss
  • explain your child’s hospital audiograms and reports
  • advise you on how you can best support the language development of your child
  • introduce you to other parents and offer you additional information about other services in your area
  • listen to you, your thoughts and ideas

Supporting your child

ToDs work with children from diagnosis and throughout their school life. We can:

  • help your child understand their hearing loss and develop a positive and healthy attitude towards deafness
  • support your child’s independence in using and maintaining their hearing aids and other equipment
  • provide opportunities for your child to meet and enjoy the company of other children with a hearing loss

Supporting education

ToDs know and understand the teaching strategies which best support a deaf child. We can:

  • provide in-service training to nurseries and schools to help them understand your child and their hearing loss
  • advise school staff on suitable teaching strategies and resources
  • ensure staff know how to provide good listening conditions for a deaf child
  • liaise, plan and prepare lessons/resources for your child to support their learning
  • attend review meetings and provide reports on your child’s progress

Additional information

For additional information on support for learning download our leaflet for schools.

Contact Information

Ayrshire Hearing Impairment Service
Crosshouse Campus
Playingfield Road
Telephone: 01563 551219

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