Education commitment

Our statement of commitment provides a broad picture of the nature of the education service in East Ayrshire within which the local improvement objectives will be delivered.

Our commitment is:

"Developing excellence in education and improving opportunities for all through quality, equality, access and partnership"


  • creating a climate of achievement
  • identifying good practice
  • disseminating good practice
  • establishing means to monitor and evaluate the work of the Department


  • equality of opportunity for all, irrespective of gender, race or disability
  • valuing diversity in individuals and communities
  • ensuring a fair distribution of resources
  • counteracting discrimination and victimisation


  • open for all
  • assisting those in greatest need to benefit from the service
  • determining views locally
  • promoting lifelong learning


  • forming strong and constructive partnerships
  • working with parents, school boards and community groups
  • working with local businesses, industry and higher education

Through this commitment, we will provide lifelong opportunities for all East Ayrshire residents.

The hallmark of the service will be the priority given to core skills, particularly increasing confidence and raising levels of attainment in literacy and numeracy for learners of all ages. This will be achieved through quality provision in early years establishments, all schools and community learning and development.

Access to quality services is an entitlement for all learners irrespective of where they live in East Ayrshire, or their gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, learning difficulty or disadvantage.

All aspects of the service will be subject to rigorous monitoring and evaluation. Continuous improvement applies to all services with effective management of resources supporting the educational process. 

Through strong partnerships, particularly with social services in a merged department, learning opportunities will be enhanced. Whenever possible, new ways of improving learning will be identified. Unique opportunities exist to draw together a broad range of resources in support of those involved in the department, whether they be students, parents or service providers.

As an education authority, we have always been in the forefront in terms of developing the provision for our children and young people. These achievements can be found in our published Standards and Quality Reports. Because of this tradition, we see this document as being much more than the fulfilment of a legal requirement.

Our local improvement objectives are integrated into an overall approach to quality management. This is why they have been combined in this document with our statement of commitment and our vision for schools. Taken together, these three statements provide a clear idea of the direction in which the service is to develop and the expectations that accompany the development.

Through the service and improvement planning mechanisms, this direction can be turned into a programme that meets local and establishment needs. The needs of our young people are at the centre of our planning. We are always striving to improve support for young people.  This is our key priority.

An important part of the process of producing these objectives has been the involvement of both users and providers of the service. This level of involvement will continue in the various planning processes that follow. We are also committed to reporting to parents, service users and staff on the progress that has been made as a result of this substantial investment in an ambitious programme for improvement.

This statement will, therefore, be of considerable significance to all those with an interest in education in East Ayrshire.

Graham Short

Executive Director of Educational and Social Services

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