Gaelic medium education

Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education

1.3 …Scottish Ministers have made regulations under section 7(5) and (6) of the 2016 Act providing a form which must be used by a parent when submitting a request to an education authority for an assessment of the need for GMPE. These regulations came into force on 1 February 2017 which is also the first date on which a request may be made. The GMPE Assessment Request Form can be accessed here.

(Taken from 1.3 of the Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education, prepared under Section 9 of the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005

Key features of Gaelic medium education

  • children are immersed in the Gaelic language all day long
  • children use books and materials written in Gaelic
  • English language lessons are gradually introduced in Primary 3/4
  • by Primary 7 children are following the full range of subjects in Gaelic and English
  • children join the rest of the school for physical education, assembly and trips
  • Gaelic medium units are funded by the Scottish Executive

The Gaelic bilingual unit at Onthank Primary School has nursery and primary classes up to P7. Children are taught by specially qualified teachers in a unit within the main school building. There is also a playgroup at Mount Carmel Primary School.

The Gaelic unit at Grange Academy opened in August 2003 to cater for pupils from the Onthank Primary unit. Gaelic is offered as a subject, as well as geography, history, modern studies, religious and moral education and personal and social education, through the medium of Gaelic. In Gaelic as a subject, pupils who have attended a Gaelic bilingual primary would normally follow the Gaidhlig (fluent speakers) course. There are other courses for those who have little or no Gaelic, such as the Gaelic Learners’ courses. The Gaelic unit maintains close links with Gaelic organisations and other schools involved in Gaelic medium education.

Pupils have opportunities to take part in local and national mods, drama festivals, feisean, exhibitions and media, developing their awareness of the importance of their language and culture and promoting their school image.

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