Please find below some frequently asked questions about schools meals and what to expect when your child returns to school in August 2020.

Information about the pre-order portal for secondary schools can be found on our school meals pre-order portal page.

Yes. Catering Services are planning to deliver a lunch service when the schools open in August.

In place will be a pre-ordered lunch service through Microsoft Teams delivered to each classroom in primary schools and a Pre-order Portal for secondary schools with a pre-designated pick up or collection area within the school agreed with the Headteacher

Yes. Children registered in the school with a specific diet and are known to the catering staff can be catered for. If there are any new pupils within the school we would ask the Headteacher to contact the Catering Managers with details of the pupil's allergy.

The menu will be reduced slightly to allow catering services to deliver meals and exercise physical distancing.

Meals will be delivered by our front of house teams to the classrooms in recyclable containers and biodegradable cutlery within the primary school setting. Arrangements will be made outside each classroom for the removal of waste.

At this time we would encourage all parents and guardians to use or register for ParentPay and transfer funds into your child's school meal account.

For primary school pre-order, catering staff will have details of all children registered in school for each day and will cross refer this to the pupil's name and year group on our system.

Further information on the Pre-order Portal for secondary school pupils is available on our school meals pre-order portal page.

The menu will be reduced to a set meal deal of a hot main meal, a hot snack meal or the pick and mix with fresh fruit, fruit pot or yoghurt and a drink. £2.15 per meal.

No food will be available for breakfast or morning interval at this time. This will be reviewed on a regular basic and once agreed with the Education Service will be reintroduced. 

Lunch and break times will be co-ordinated between the Education Service and Catering Services

Recyclable and biodegradable products will be used for lunches for an interim period.

This will continue as much as is reasonably practical.

For children who are entitled and apply for free school meals, a packed lunch will be available for pick up from your child’s school. More details will follow on location and pick up times.

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