Health and wellbeing census

The Local Government in Scotland Act 2003 states that Local Authorities (LAs) have a power to do anything which it considers is likely to promote or improve the wellbeing of its area and/or persons within that area. The Standards in Scotland's Schools etc. Act 2000 state that education authorities must endeavour to ensure that their schools are health promoting.

Therefore, the gathering of this evidence at a local level is needed in order for LAs to identify and drive forward improvements where it is needed, and to monitor whether improvement happens as a result.

The approach being introduced in relation to the Health and Wellbeing Census will provide each LA with an opportunity to gather, process and analyse their own data in order to look at their own evidence for statistical and research purposes only as part of their public task.

All children in Primary 5 (P5) to Secondary 6 (S6) based in local authority and grant-aided schools will be expected to take part in the Census, unless a parent, carer or the child themselves does not wish to do so.

Questions and answers

For more information, please view the Health and Wellbeing Census Question and Answer for parents (PDF 130Kb), or contact your child's school.

Privacy notice

Please view our Pupil Health and Wellbeing Census Privacy Notice (PDF 142Kb) for details on what information we will collect from you should you wish to participate in the Census and what will happen to this information.

Parental involvement and engagement census

The Parental Involvement and Engagement (PIE) Census aims to collection a national overview of Parental Involvement and Engagement by providing a set of questions which all local authorities will ask in their respective areas.

Parental Involvement is schools providing parents with information and Parental Engagement is when the schools and parents work together to encourage their child's learning.

Once available, the data will be used to improve parental engagement at a local level and a national level.

All parents/carers who have children in primary and/or secondary schools in Scotland are invited to take part in the census. Questions will focus on the experience with the child/children's school, therefore only one questionnaire per school will be issued to parents/carers with more than one child at the one school.

Further information will be available soon.

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