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Home education

Home education is a key aspect of parental choice. The aim of the education authority is to promote a positive partnership arrangement with parents who wish to educate their children at home.

Parents who wish to educate their child or children at home require to inform us that they wish to withdraw their child from school in order to educate them at home and to request our consent.

It is important they write to us as early as possible and where reasonably practical, in advance of the date that they wish to withdraw their child from school. They also should include initial proposals as to how they intend to provide education for their child.

We have a duty to respond to a parent’s request. Agreement by us is based on the provision which parents intend to make which needs to be suitable for the child’s age, aptitude and ability and need for additional support.

Parents are not required to seek our consent order to home educate their child if the:

  • child has never attended a public school
  • child has never attended a public school in the authority’s area
  • child has been withdrawn from an independent school
  • child has finished primary education in one school but has not started secondary education in another
  • school the child has been attending has closed

In the last two cases parents may simply notify us that they intend to home educate. 

Guidance for parents and carers

Download guidance on children educated at home (PDF 96Kb)

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