Business enterprise bulletins

Enterprise and business education in East Ayrshire schools is moving on apace – and our Business Enterprise (BE) bulletins showcase this achievement.

What is business enterprise?

Our Business Enterprise Fund has sparked not only the launch of Business Enterprise and Skills Centres in our nine secondary schools - but also a burst of ideas, creativity and individuality.

Each school has selected initiatives and programmes tailored to suit the requirements and talents of students to help make them ready for a bright future in the world of work.

Programmes are backed by accredited qualifications at a range of levels, right up to Higher. Such qualifications not only make young people more desirable in the eyes of employers, but also develop their personal awareness and skills such as communication, teamworking and leadership.

Local business leaders play a great part by acting as role models, offering their experience and support in mentoring students and backing this ambitious education initiative. The strong partnership of schools, Council and business leaders will help us take the next steps towards building sustainability into this programme for the future.

Business enterprise bulletins

Business Enterprise Bulletin 13 


  • Dance Fest 2017
  • Citizen Day Celebrations
  • Digital Learning Week
  • Spring spectacular

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