Our communities are at the heart of everything we do. Working in and with our communities, we’ve listened to what is important to you and know the value that you place on high quality local services rooted in local places and communities where you feel safe and have pride in our natural environment and cultural heritage.

Our Community Plan 2015-30 sets out our shared partnership vision for the delivery of public services in East Ayrshire. As the Council we have a lead role to play in delivering those priorities.

We’re writing our Strategic Plan against a backdrop of enormous challenges, including:

  • pandemic recovery and renewal
  • rising inflation
  • cost of living increases
  • the impact of Brexit
  • increased demand for services
  • funding cuts

There has never been a more important time for us all to work together. We know that delivering the changes needed to address these challenges will need extensive innovation and enormous collective effort from everyone.

During the past year we’ve carried out carried out engagement work, including:

  • community conversations on the impact of the pandemic
  • review of our Community Plan
  • development of our Climate Change Strategy

Through this we’ve identified key priorities that we believe should underpin our Strategic Plan.

We now want to hear from you on what more you think we should be doing to support achievement of these priorities – the specific action that you want us to take and importantly, how we can continue to work together to transform the delivery of Council services in communities across East Ayrshire over the next five years.

Our transformation journey

Over the past 10 years we have transformed our services while continuing to put people and communities at the heart of everything we do. With your help, we’ve kept delivering the best possible services, with and for our communities, whilst making necessary budget savings.

  • We’ve developed strong relationships and partnerships with the communities we serve, building on local strengths and assets. 
  • Our workforce is flexible, approachable, caring and empowered - these qualities and behaviours shape how we behave as a Council. 
  • We now have more of our services available online and we have reduced the number of workplaces to make more efficient use of property and office space.
  • We have kept our strong focus on community power, building on:
    • local strengths and talents
    • early intervention and prevention
    • support for community-led regeneration
  • We have supported communities to develop their own community led action plans, rolled out participatory budgeting and transferred 60 assets to local communities.  

The benefits of our approach were never more evident than during the pandemic. Our communities were at the heart of our local response and showed us, more clearly than ever before, the value of having local services rooted in local places and local communities.

We want to build on all we have learned and experienced and reflect this in a new Council Strategic Plan. The new Plan will set out the actions that the Council will take to:

  • deliver our shared partnership priorities
  • build on the work we have done with communities through the pandemic renewal and recovery
  • inform how we will allocate our budget will for the next five years

as we continue to deliver our vision and ambition for the communities of East Ayrshire.

The challenges ahead

Our communities are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why our vast range of services is designed to support our communities to be strong, safe and vibrant and to make sure we protect and meet the needs of the most vulnerable among us.

We’re proud of our role at the heart of local decision-making and democracy, championing East Ayrshire and working for the benefit of those who live, work, visit and do business in East Ayrshire.

Throughout the pandemic, we delivered critical care and support services through our workforces in social care, community nursing and care homes, but, as we emerge from the pandemic, it is clear that coronavirus (COVID-19) is still with us.

We know that the pandemic has had an enormous impact on our communities and its effects will still be felt for many years to come. Together with increases in the cost of living, this means individuals and families across East Ayrshire are facing real challenges, hardships and worries.

Our Strategic Plan will address these challenges, while ensuring that we remain financially sustainable. This means that over the next five years we will keep finding new ways of doing things, so that we can reduce our costs, while supporting our workforce and investing in those activities that will help us to achieve the ambitions we share with our communities.

Through our previous engagement, we have identified the following priority themes that we will want to build on and we want you to help us identify the action we should be taking.


Before we finalise the Strategic Plan we know that you will have other useful ideas and suggestions, which is why we want you to tell us what more you think we should be doing to help us achieve these priorities.

Please read these topics and add your comments in the survey links provided:

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