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Polling place review frequently asked questions

When is the consultation?

Monday 1 October 2018 - Friday 23 November 2018

What is a polling district?

A polling district is a geographical area created by the sub-division of a UK Parliamentary constituency into smaller parts for the purposes of a UKPE.

What is a polling place?

A polling place is the building and adjoining land in which polling stations will be selected by the Returning Officer.

What is a polling station?

A polling station is the room or hall in which voting takes place.  There may be more than one polling station in a polling place.

Who can respond to the consultation?

Any elector who lives in the area and other interested parties and bodies, including Elected Members and those with expertise in relation to access to premises or facilities for disabled people.

How do I respond to the consultation?

Responses may be made by post, as undernoted, or e-mail:

Contact Information

Julie McGarry, Administration Manager
Council Headquarters
London Road
East Ayrshire
Telephone: 01563 576147