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Payment arrears

If you are falling behind with payments, please contact us - we can help.

It is vitally important that you keep your payments up to date and that you do not ignore any letters we send you about your Council Tax.

If you fall behind with your Council Tax payments, we will send you a Reminder Notice that will give you seven days to bring your payments up to date. If you do not do this, you will lose the right to continue paying by instalments and the full amount outstanding for the remainder of the year will become payable.

After this we will not issue any more reminders - we will make application to the Sheriff for a Summary Warrant and this will add a Statutory Penalty of 10% of the outstanding amount due onto your bill. If your arrears remain unpaid, we may pass the debt to our Sheriff Officer for collection and the Summary Warrant empowers them to collect the amount in different ways such as by arresting your wages or your bank account.

If you do fall behind, our Customer Services Team can help. If you contact them at any point in the recovery process, they will discuss a repayment arrangement to suit your circumstances and can make arrangements to ensure that you receive your full benefit entitlement.

If you have several debts and need help with your finances you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Please do not ignore Arrears Notices - contact our staff on the telephone number provided for advice and assistance, they are there to help.

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