Disabled person's band reduction

A reduction in Council Tax may be possible if any resident is disabled and any one of the undernoted facilities exist within the house to meet his or her needs:

  • an additional bathroom or kitchen
  • a room used predominantly by the disabled person
  • use within the house of a wheelchair by the disabled person

The reduction takes the form of a drop in valuation band from, for example, "C" to "B", and is available to everyone regardless of income.

The maximum reduction available for each valuation band for 2012/2013 is shown below.

Maximum reduction 2012/13
Band Amount 
 A £175.84
 B £175.84
 C £175.84
 D £175.84
 E £351.68
 F £351.68
 G £351.68
 H £527.52

These amounts include the water and sewerage charges.

To apply for a disabled person reduction you can download a form from this page or contact us using the details below.



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