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Health and social care complaints handling procedure

Our Social Work Complaints Handling Procedure (SWCHP) and Integration Joint Board Complaints Handling Procedure (IJBCHP) follow specific legislation and guidance. These procedures are slightly different from the Council's general procedure.

How to make a complaint

Fill in our online complaint form.

How we will respond

If you wish to make a complaint under the SWCHP or IJBCHP we will attempt to resolve your complaint within five working days. If more time is required, in accordance with the Ombudsman’s guidance, you will be contacted to inform you of the revised due date for your complaint decision. 

If your complaint is more complex and requires a formal investigation you will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your complaint, within three working days of it being received, and you will receive a written response to your complaint within 20 working days.

If you are not happy with the response you receive after a formal investigation you can request that the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman review your complaint.

Contact Information


Social Services (Kilmarnock)
The Johnnie Walker Bond
15 Strand Street
East Ayrshire
Telephone: 01563 554200


Health and Social Care Partnership Integration Joint Board
The Johnnie Walker Bond
15 Strand Street
Telephone: 01563 554400


Scottish Public Services Ombudsman
Telephone: 0800 377 7330
Fax: 0800 377 7331