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Animal boarding establishments

This consultation is now closed. If you have any queries please contact our Licensing Unit.

East Ayrshire Council is currently undertaking a review of the conditions which are attached to licences issued in relation to animal boarding establishments.

At present, the Council issue licences in terms of the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 and have a set of standard conditions which are attached to each licence granted. The current conditions do not differentiate between dog boarding establishments and cat boarding establishments and it is proposed that these be amended to reflect the differences between the two types of boarding establishment.

In addition, the Council has received a number of enquiries in relation to home boarding of dogs and commercial day boarding licences.  As the Council do not presently licence these types of boarding establishment, however, it is also proposed that the current licensing regime be extended to include these types of establishments. 

On 15 November 2012, the Licensing Panel agreed a consultation process in respect of the proposed new conditions in relation to dog boarding establishments, cat boarding establishments, home boarding establishments and commercial day boarding establishments and a link to the report considered by the Panel together with current conditions and proposed new conditions can be found on the right hand side of this page.  It is submitted that home boarding and commercial day boarding is more suited to dogs rather than cats and as such the conditions have been drafted to reflect this.  Should it become apparent that there is a demand in relation to cats; the conditions can be revisited in future. 

How to comment

In order to gauge public opinion on this matter, East Ayrshire Council would welcome feedback, comments or opinions on the above proposals and on the draft conditions.

Any feedback, comments or opinions to be considered by the Licensing Panel should be lodged no later than 31 January 2013 to the following address:

East Ayrshire Council
Licensing Unit
Council Headquarters
London Road

Alternatively, feedback, comments or opinions can be emailed to us via the e-mail address below.

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