East Ayrshire has an exciting tourism product encompassing history and heritage, cultural venues and visitor attractions, and natural environment providing opportunities for a range of outdoor activities and recreation.

Tourism makes a significant contribution of £64m to the East Ayrshire economy in terms of both revenue and job. Recognising this, we took the decision on 13 January 2016 to employ our own tourism resource in order to build links within the area according to local priorities. We now have a new Tourism Officer in post.  As a result, a draft action plan reflecting current and future plans and ambitions for the period from 2016-20 has been prepared for public consultation. The context for the action plan remains the Ayrshire and Arran Tourism Strategy 2012-2017 which was developed with the aim of strengthening the tourism offering across the region, setting key objectives relating to number of visitors, annual spend and employment levels supported by the sector.

Our new action plan relates to these objectives and sets the following targets over the life time of the plan:

  • increasing the annual number of visitors coming to East Ayrshire by 10%, from 1.054 million to 1.15 million by 2020
  • increasing annual spend by visitors by 20% from £64 million to £76 million by 2020
  • increasing employment supported by the sector by 10% from 1,634 jobs to 1,797 jobs by 2020
  • these targets reflect both the Ayrshire and Arran Strategy and Visit Scotland’s business plan

Consultation document

The draft East Ayrshire Tourism Action Plan published in August 2016, provides the basis of a tourism provider and public consultation exercise, which will inform the publication of the final plan. The final report shall be adopted as guidance to positively influence future tourism provision within East Ayrshire.

How to comment

You can respond to the consultation via the following: 

All comments should clearly state your name and address and must be received before Friday 23 September 2016.

Contact Information

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