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We can award a maximum Housing Benefit of up to 100% of the rent. Restrictions may apply for properties rented from a private landlord (the Rent Registration Service provides information to East Ayrshire Council on the maximum amount of Housing Benefit that can be considered).

If you rent from the Council or a Housing Association your rent may also be restricted if you live in a property that is considered too large for you and your family. These restrictions only apply to people of a working age. If you are under-occupying your house by one bedroom your Housing Benefit will be restricted by 14% and if you have two or more bedrooms than you need your Housing Benefit will be restricted by 25%.

Currently the Scottish Government provide funding to pay the shortfall for the under-occupation charge. You will need to submit an application to receive this but you will not need to renew this every year.  An application form is available on the Discretionary Housing Payment page.   

We base your Housing Benefit on your weekly income minus your weekly applicable amount (the figure the government sets to reflect the day to day living expenses of the claimant(s) and their family).

If your weekly income is less than your weekly applicable amount, you will qualify for the maximum Housing Benefit available, minus any deduction made for any other adults living in the house (non-dependent deductions).

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