Transformation Strategy

Council services are changing to meet the challenges presented by ongoing budget constraints.

The UK Government has signalled its intention to pursue continuous reductions in public spending over the medium term. Funding available to the Scottish Government will reduce in real terms and consequently financial support for local government will also reduce. At the same time, demand for services and user expectations of service access, quality and performance continue to increase.

High level estimates indicate that, if we were to continue with current service levels and delivery models, expenditure would be £34m higher than income by 2016/17. This is an unsustainable position and requires decisive and comprehensive action to ensure that the Council will continue to deliver key services with less money.

Whilst the concept of a Transformation Strategy might suggest a straightforward comprehensive solution, the range, complexity and interrelated nature of council services means that such a Strategy will require to reflect that complexity and will consist of a large number of actions designed to change a whole range of activities over the next five years. The Strategy will also need to be capable of evolution and change to adapt to external events. As such our Transformation Strategy will essentially be a dynamic five year budget which will require to be reviewed and updated on at least an annual basis over the period. 

In 2012, following an extensive community consultation and engagement exercise, we agreed a number of business actions to reduce costs. These formed the basis of the Transformation Strategy 2012-2017

Strategic priorities

The Transformation Strategy 2012-17 outlines three priorities as set out in the table below:

Strategic PriorityKey Actions
Raise educational attainment and equip our young people for the world of work
  • Raise educational and skills attainment.
  • Foster and grow the partnership between local schools and businesses to ensure our young people are 'work ready'.
  • Support 100 young people into apprenticeships with the Council and pioneer a new Apprenticeship Scheme to support local businesses.
Support older people to live independently in the community.
  • Encourage older people to participate in community life.
  • Promote intergenerational work.
  • Support more older people to live independently in their own homes and ensure that they are well cared for within the community.
Promote town centre living
  • Build new council houses in and around our town centres and encourage external investment in town centres.
  • Work with retailers and local businesses to improve our town centres and villages.
  • Build on our investment on town centre regeneration.

Read the full Strategy

Download the East Ayrshire Council Transformation Strategy 2012-2017

Yearly updates

As the Transformation Strategy is a dynamic five year budget we will update you on a yearly basis as to our progress. 

Access updates on the Transformation Strategy 2012-2017:

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