Transformation Strategy update 2014

We have continued to make positive progress during 2013/14, particularly in terms of raising educational attainment and equipping local people for the world of work; delivering new houses across the region; regenerating town centres and facilitating change to enable older members of the community to live more independently.

  • Educational attainment continues to improve year on year and SQA results for 2014 demonstrated a continuing trend for strong performance. 
  • New Council houses are being completed at locations right across East Ayrshire, providing comfortable, modern, fit-for-purpose dwellings for approximately 550 local residents.  
  • Heritage-led regeneration projects in both Cumnock and Kilmarnock have played a significant role in continuing to improve the town centre environment.
  • Proportionately more older people are being supported at home rather than in care settings. A wide range of support services is available for older people through the Reshaping Care for Older People programme and these are delivered in partnership with the council’s community planning partners.

The following graphics outline what we have achieved in 2013/14.

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