Planning and delivering services

Service plans

During this widespread financial recession, we have introduced a new way of managing the planning and delivery of services across the Council. In order to reduce the administrative burden on staff wherever possible, we have introduced service plans that are more focused on managing the resources that are needed to deliver services.

We now have a working document based on the assets, workforce, finance and processes that are needed to deliver efficient, effective services to our residents. Our progress against these plans is regularly reviewed using the Service Performance Scorecard from our Electronic Performance Management System (EPMS).

The services that are managed through this process are:

  • Children and Families and Criminal Justice
  • Community Care
  • Community Planning and Partnership
  • Community Support 
  • Corporate Infrastructure
  • Democratic Services
  • Education and Social Services Resources
  • Finance Service
  • Housing Services
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
  • Legal, Procurement and Regulatory Services
  • Leisure Services
  • Planning and Economic Development
  • Roads and Transportation
  • Schools Facilities Management
  • Schools Support
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