Ayrshire Educational Trust

The Ayrshire Educational Trust was established in 1936 under the Educational Endowments (Scotland) Acts 1928 to 1935 for the future government and management of a number of educational endowments in the County of Ayr.  In 2014 the Trust underwent an extensive reorganisation through the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator to improve access to educational grant opportunities.  

The Trust purpose is to promote formal education, such as that provided through schools and universities, and less formal education which may take place in the community.  This covers education, training and research, and broader education in the development of individual capabilities, skills and understanding.

The Trust membership consists of five elected members each from East, North and South Ayrshire Councils and one representative each from Glasgow University, Strathclyde University, Scotland's Rural University College, Ayrshire Association of the Educational Institute of Scotland and the Workers' Educational Association (Scotland). The Trust meets four times per year in February, May, September and November in East Ayrshire Council Headquarters, London Road, Kilmarnock, to consider applications for assistance.

The Ayrshire Educational Trust can award grants for a range of educational purposes:

Contact Information

Education Service
Civic Centre South
16 John Dickie Street
Telephone: 01563 555650