Flood Response Plan

Within East Ayrshire, there is a persistent possibility that flooding will arise as a result of adverse weather and severe storms. 

The aim of the Council's Flood Response Plan is to provide a structure for an inter-agency response to a flood emergency within East Ayrshire. The plan is maintained and reviewed by the Ayrshire Civil Contingencies Team.

The objectives of the plan are:

  • to develop a corporate and co-ordinated response to flooding incidents and mitigation measures
  • to develop and produce proactive contingency measures for dealing with flooding affecting Council property, non-Council property (commercial and residential), transport routes, villages isolated by flood waters and care of the displaced
  • to provide recognised and agreed procedures for obtaining assistance from Central Government, the military forces and any other organisations

Contact Information

Ayrshire Civil Contingencies Team
Telephone: 01292 692180
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