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Community planning is about a range of partners in the public and voluntary sectors working together to better plan, resource and deliver quality services that meet the needs of people who live and work in East Ayrshire.

Our community planning partners in East Ayrshire include:

Community planning puts local people at the heart of delivering services. It's not just about creating a plan or a vision but about jointly tackling major issues such as health, transport, employment, housing, education and community safety.

The strength of the community planning process lies in the way in which it links together social, economic and environmental actions that will improve the quality of life of people who live in East Ayrshire. Together we have consulted on and developed four themes around which to develop the community plan, and these are:

  • Promoting lifelong learning
  • Delivering community regeneration
  • Improving community safety
  • Improving health and wellbeing

The Community Planning Partnership Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) 2011-2014, was developed as part of the Four-yearly Review 2010/11 and updated as part of the Community Plan Mid-term review process 2012.  It underpins the Community Plan, provides a robust performance management framework and ensures effective links to the Scottish Government's national outcomes.

For further information please contact our Policy, Planning and Performance Division or visit our Community Planning website.


We provide a range of media, print, design and publicity services to the Council:

  • Press office services - promoting the work of the Council and its services through the print and broadcast media. Handling all media enquiries relating to the Council
  • Online and digital media services - managing corporate website and social media activities across the Council
  • Marketing services - copywriting, event management, sponsorship, photography
  • Design services - designing and managing the production of all printed and online communications and promotional materials

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