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Coming soon - new Buzz Guide!

Our Buzz Guide will keep you up-to-date with lots of different activities, clubs and services taking place in East Ayrshire including play activities, sports, youth clubs, community groups, drama, arts, help with learning, volunteering and much more!

Find out about events

Until the new version of the Buzz is available all the timetable information will be on our brand new events page. You can search by area, age group, activity (like 'sport'), free activities and events that are 'good for' children, families or young people.

Fit for life

Our Fit for Life newsletter is where you will find all the information you need to help you live a more active, healthy and happy life!

If you’re an adult or older person living in East Ayrshire, we’ve included information here about how you can get a free health check on the CHIP Van, exercise classes and walking groups that will get you fit and active, social and activity clubs to keep you entertained and where to find help and support if you’re not feeling as healthy as you could be!

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