The Young Person's National Entitlement Card is free to anyone residing in Scotland who is aged 11-25.  You will be provided with a National Entitlement Card with a Young Scot and PASS hologrammed logo (unless you have opted out).


Your National Entitlement Card is your access to all the great discounts, young people information and benefits of Young Scot and also acts as an accredited Proof of Age card (if the PASS hologram is on your card).

The hologram means you can get access to most age restricted goods appropriate to your age, for example, purchasing of DVDs and computer games, access to nightclubs and more.


You are the only person allowed to use your National Entitlement Card. It is not transferable. Allowing someone else to use it is fraud and may lead to the card being cancelled and your entitlement to use Scotland-wide free bus travel being withdrawn.

Travel using a National Entitlement Card is subject to the normal regulations and conditions of carriage of the bus operators concerned. Your card gives you the same rights as enjoyed by any fare-paying passenger.  You will find the full terms and conditions under further information.

How much does it cost?

It’s free. There is no cost for the Young Person's National Entitlement Card. However, you may be asked to supply a passport size photo.

We reserve the right to charge a fee in the future.

What does the new National Entitlement Card look like?

Young Scot Card web - October 2016

On the front will be:

  • Your photograph
  • Date of birth (should have a pink strip)
  • A local authority, Young Scot and PASS logo
  • Card expiry date

Some cards will have other symbols displayed on the card, each symbol represents a different concession.

Where can I find travel information to help me plan my journey around Scotland?   

Traveline Scotland provides journey planning information for people wanting to use public transport to get around Scotland.

What if my card is lost, damaged or stolen?

You can request a replacement card online or contact our Customer Services Team on 01563 554400 to arrange for a replacement card. You don't need to complete a new application form.

My personal circumstance or details have changed, what do I do?

There are three situations where your circumstances may change that you must report to us:

  • You have moved house
  • Your name has changed
  • Your concessionary travel entitlement has changed  

If you have moved house, changed name or if your concessionary travel entitlement has changed, you can request a replacement card online.

You will be required to provide documentary evidence of the change.

Where either your name or entitlement has changed, we will produce a replacement card for you free of charge and send it directly to your home address. Where your address has changed, you can continue to use your card and we will update our records with your new details.

How do I update my photograph?

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, our Customer Service Centres are still closed, therefore we are unable to update the current photograph on your card.

Contact Information

National Entitlement Card
For enquiries relating to Young Persons 5-21 Free Bus Travel scheme please visit freebus.scot