TreMENDous Graduates

The TreMENDous Graduates was formed in 2011 to provide sustainability following the completion of the MEND programme within East Ayrshire.

All participants within the TreMENDous Graduates have been identified as being above a healthy BMI for their age.

The group aims to promote and encourage children and families to lead a healthy active lifestyle. To raise the profile of health and wellbeing through the promotion of practical, fun learning programmes. With a focus on encourage the participation of children and their families to make sustained improvements in their families, diet, physical activity levels and overall health.

Although TreMENDous Graduates Club goes way beyond the physiological improvements.  There are the obvious things like improved sleep patterns and behaviour; alongside greater confidence and self esteem that comes from generally being more active, and having a healthier diet however beyond this social impact not only for participants themselves but whole families.

The group are constituted and have formed a parent/carer committee. All sessions are delivered by TreMENDous Graduate parent/carer volunteers, young graduate volunteers (aged 14-18 years) and East Ayrshire volunteers.

Specific sessions and initiatives implemented include:

Master Chef - Family cooking sessions which focus on the practical element of healthy food preparation

Grow healthy, Stay healthy - The TreMENDous Graduates group have sourced funding from the Peoples Health Trust which has allowed them to purchase equipment to be utilized within an allotment area within Dumfries House. Children and their families grow fruit and vegetables, which in turn are utilised within the cooking sessions. This has allowed the group to generate funds via a catering initiative.

Peer Mentoring - The TreMENDous Graduates group is delivered solely by young volunteers. The volunteers attend a variety of training courses in order to increase their self confidence and overall skill development.  Volunteers range from Graduates to pupils from local secondary schools.

Re-MEND-er Programme - This 10-week structured programme was designed and delivered by two Graduates aged 15 and 16 years old. Each 45-minute weekly session included label reading, fats and sugars, interactive PowerPoint presentations as well as games and quizzes.

TreMENDous Graduates is about so much more than tackling obesity - as important as that is; the programme is a brilliant example of asset based health and community development - that puts participants at the heart of the solution.

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