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Volunteer with us

Join us at one of our activities which are designed to help you become more active and improve your health and wellbeing – but we promise that their actually quite a lot of fun too:


A specific exercise programme designed to improve mobility, strength and balance helping to reduce the risk of falls. As we get older our bone strength naturally deteriorates, putting us at greater risk of fracture if we do fall. The classes are led by fully qualified instructors and end with a well-deserved cup of tea and a chat. For class timetable visit

Invigor8 Plus

This class is a follow on from Invigor8 which supports similar exercises to the Motiv8 class however it’s set up in the same format as invigor8 with each person having a chair for support, this class is aimed at those who are more mobile however may have poor balance. For class timetable visit


A circuit based class which aims to motivate people to become more active whilst improving strength and confidence. It is designed for those who have specific medical conditions which may restrict their ability to exercise – For class timetable visit

All Ability: Motiv8

The class is aimed at adults with physical, sensory or learning disabilities and the sessions will be designed with these participants in mind and offer a variety of fun form of fitness.  For class timetable visit


Our most challenging class and is aimed at those who are more active and are confident in their ability to exercise. You do not need to be referred by your health professional to attend these classes – come along and join in – you’ll soon feel the benefits. For class timetable visit

HARP (Healthy and Active Rehabilitation Programme)

Our HARP classes follow a similar circuit style routine to the existing Motiv8 classes but are designed and adapted for those following Stroke, Cancer, Pulmonary or Cardiac Rehabilitation. Referrals into these HARP classes MUST come from physiotherapist or GP. Suitability for this class will be assessed by a member of the team. For class timetable visit

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