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There are occasions when public safety may become jeopardised by the condition of buildings. Building Standards has the responsibility for enforcing the requirements of Section 29 of the Building (Scotland) Act, 2003, with regard to dangerous buildings.

We are committed to treating any report of a dangerous structure as a priority issue, and will immediately investigate all reports. If action is required to safeguard the occupants or general public, we will take whatever action is necessary to remove the danger. Where practical, the building owner(s) will be given the opportunity to instruct the required works. If we instruct a contractor to undertake works, we will thereafter advise the owner(s) of the action taken, and to recover the costs incurred.

If danger still exists following procedures to address the immediate danger or to prevent access to and around the affected property, we will serve a Dangerous Buildings Notice on the owner(s) of the property. The Notice requires the owner(s) to carry out work to remove the danger within a specific time period. This is the first step in a statutory procedure whereby works must be undertaken by the owner(s), or the local authority, to remove the danger.

To report a building which appears structurally dangerous, contact Building Standards using the details below.

Contact Information

Building Standards
Telephone: 01563 576790