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The Lifeskills and Inclusion Team offer support to local people who want to gain knowledge, skills and confidence that can help them to play an active and productive role in their personal, community, family and working lives.

The team takes an asset-based approach to learning which recognises people's unique personal experiences and builds on their strengths, talents and aspirations.

We support people to achieve positive outcomes through planned learning experiences, which develop their skills for life, learning and work.  We have a wide range of learning opportunities available which can help local people achieve their own goals including:

  • taking the first step back into learning
  • acquire new skills and qualifications
  • increase confidence and self esteem
  • improve employment prospects
  • increase participation in community life
  • progress onto new opportunities

Here's some more information about the activities we offer. Contact us today to start your journey.

Adult literacies

Help is available to anyone aged over 16 who needs support to improve their literacy and numeracy.  This could include problems with reading, writing, spelling or numeracy.  People are helped to set their own learning goals and a support plan is developed for each individual based on their learning needs.

Digital and financial literacies

The internet and electronic media are now more important than ever with so much available online including claiming welfare benefits or seeking employment.  Similarly financial literacies help people to manage their everyday finances including money managing and dealing with debt.

Support to young adults

Our work with young adults helps them to build on existing skills, learn new skills and develop confidence and self esteem.  We work in partnership with agencies including Ayrshire College and Skills Development Scotland.

Literacy volunteers

We recruit and support literacy volunteers who provide support to literacy learners.  Volunteers play a vital role as it allows more learners to be supported by people with great every day experience.

Adults with learning disabilities

We offer lots of group and individual learning opportunities which include reading and writing but also help with life skills such as money management, travel, voting and benefit claims.

Watch Jodie's story to see how the Essential Skills Service is helping her with her literacy skills: 

English for speakers of other languages

We support people with little or no English so that they can acquire the language skills they need to participate fully in everyday life.

Volunteering and employability

We operate a volunteer database and alongside East Ayrshire Volunteer Centre we support local people to take up volunteer in a range of roles such as sport coaches, walk leaders, committee members and befrienders.

Gaelic learning

Courses and classes are available to complete beginners through to advanced learners.  Learners are supported by experienced Gaelic Tutors to develop their understanding of the Gaelic language and improve their conversational skills.

Family literacy learning

We work with schools, early childhood centres and other partners to help parents improve their own literacy and numeracy skills so they can support their children's learning at home and at school.


We offer targeted literacy support to offenders through our Pathways to Literacies Programme.  We also work to raise awareness of literacy issues with our partners in Social Work, Criminal Justice and the Police.

Contact us on the details below if you are interested in receiving our support.

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