Coronavirus travel and holiday advice

If your holiday booking is cancelled because of coronavirus (COVID-19), contact the company you booked with. 

Right to a refund

You have the right to a refund – or you can choose to rebook for another time. Your refund should be paid within 14 days for a cancelled package holiday or within 7 days for a European flight.

If something was cancelled that wasn’t a package holiday or European flight, check the terms and conditions to find out when you will get your refund.

It might take longer to get your refund at the moment because of the amount of refunds being processed.


If you are offered a voucher instead of a refund you do not have to accept this, you can insist on a refund.

If you are considering accepting a voucher, check the terms and conditions, including when the voucher expires and whether you can change your mind later and get a refund.

Air Travel Organiser's Licence (ATOL) protected bookings

The government announced on 18 July 2020 that it is protecting refund credit notes issued for ATOL protected bookings that were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning those who accept them will get their money back if the travel firm goes bust.

Refund credit notes issued between 10 March 2020 and 30 September 2020 will be protected.

Problems with getting a refund

If you are having trouble getting a refund, check your travel insurance to see if you can make a claim. You might also be covered by your home insurance or your bank account insurance.

Cancel a future booking

If you want to cancel a future booking, check with the company you booked with to see if they will offer you a refund. If the company won’t give you a refund, it is usually better to wait and see if they cancel the booking later. If they cancel the booking, they will have to refund you.

Further information

If you need any more information please get in touch with Trading Standards.

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