Our Commitment

Trusted-Trader-landscapeWe shall use reasonable endeavours to:

  • provide fair and impartial service for both traders and consumers
  • ensure that it acts in compliance with consumer protection legislation and agree to carry out any investigations promptly and fairly
  • provide advice on both civil and consumer protection legislation upon request by either party
  • assist with staff training for traders where possible
  • provide an officer who will act as a point of contract for the business in any dispute and for the provision of advice and assistance
  • provide appropriate advice to the consumer following a complaint to the service. Where the complaint cannot be resolved, either party can invoke the dispute resolution process
  • provide a level of promotion of the scheme and its members which the Council considers is appropriate
  • conduct regular reviews of the scheme and of these terms and conditions. The council reserves the right to change terms and conditions where appropriate
  • reserve the right to revoke membership of the scheme where traders pursue a course of business conduct detrimental to consumer’s interests, or in conflict with these terms
  • reserve the right to publicise the removal of traders from the scheme where appropriate
  • provide a comprehensive feedback system through Referenceline that is accessible for both traders and customers
  • process members’ data in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


Contact Information

Trading Standards Service
Civic Centre South
John Dickie Street
Telephone: 01563 576790 (Option 5)