Trusted trader membership fees

Trusted-Trader-landscapeThe annual fee is £200 plus VAT, but is free of charge until March 2020.

All fee revenues will go to help cover costs of operating the scheme, such as maintaining the online database and feedback system, ongoing advertising and promotion to the public. 

Membership fees are payable, on a pro rata basis, at the time of the initial acceptance on to the Scheme. Thereafter annual fees are payable from the 1st of April each year. Fees are revised annually.

What's included

  • Website entry and data processing for the first 50 feedback forms received per annum. Members may have to pay processing charges for additional forms that are returned for processing
  • Use of Referenceline mobile device applications are included in the membership fee
  • Access to the Trusted Trader website is free to consumers

Where membership is revoked, or a member withdraws from the scheme, there will be no refund of any membership fees paid or reimbursement of costs incurred by the business as a result of removal or withdrawal from the scheme.

Contact Information

Trading Standards Service
Civic Centre South
John Dickie Street
Telephone: 01563 576790 (Option 5)