Acceptance Criteria

Trusted-Trader-landscapeWe will assess whether the applicant trader is suitable for membership. If the applicant trader to be is unsuitable for membership, the applicant will not be admitted to the scheme.

A trader may be considered unsuitable for membership to the Trusted Trader scheme if:

  • there is reason at any time (whether through its checks and enquiries or otherwise) to determine that the trader would be unable to meet the duties and obligations imposed under these terms and conditions, and in particular those set out under clauses 3 and 4 hereof.
  • there is reason at any time (whether through its checks and enquiries or otherwise) to determine that the trader business is or is in the process of being sequestrated, wound up or liquidated, has had a receiver, administrator or similar appointed, has entered a compensation arrangement with its creditors (whether voluntary or otherwise), or is otherwise apparently insolvent.
  • the trader presents an unacceptable risk to others, for example suppliers or the general public. The trader’s membership might bring the Trusted Trader scheme or the Council into disrepute or otherwise be inconsistent with any aspect of the scheme or with any aspect of the Council’s functions. 

Appropriate checks will be carried out by the Council at the time of application and thereafter intermittently throughout the duration of the Trusted Trader scheme to determine the suitability of a trader and these checks may include (but are not limited to):

  • consumer complaints
  • financial and corporate status
  • any action taken by the Council including advisory or enforcement action
  • trading history
  • trade association membership
  • public liability insurance
  • database searches
  • verification of information supplied by the applicant
  • inspection or audit of any aspect of the applicant’s business, including premises, procedures, processes, products, documents and records.
  • interviews with the applicant
  • customer references, surveys or interviews 

For the purposes of assessing suitability, we may request information from other enforcement authorities and other relevant person or organisation we deem necessary. 

Contact Information

Trading Standards Service
Civic Centre South
John Dickie Street
Telephone: 01563 576790 (Option 5)