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The regeneration of Kilmarnock Town Centre is not just the responsibility of big business and organisations. It's something everyone can be involved in and we all have a part to play in making the town successful, vibrant and lively. 

Kilmarnock has lots of enthusiastic organisations already working hard, from social enterprises to its independent businesses but its major asset is its people. As a Council, we recognise that we cannot help the town centre fulfil its potential by ourselves. This is why we're committed to a community-led approach which ensures people are at the heart of its regeneration strategy.

How can I help?

We need your help, lending us some of your skills, talent, effort, daring and passion for Kilmarnock to bring the "WOW" to Kilmarnock Town Centre. We want you to think of something you can promise to do to make life in the Town Centre more attractive, safe and vibrant and pledge to do that.

If you run a business you could pledge to:

  • Help or assist in running a special event in the Town Centre 
  • Clean the pavement at your shop
  • Pick up litter around your shop
  • Buy and fit flower baskets with the assistance of outdoor amenities service, then water and maintain them  
  • Participate in the Kilmarnock Town Centre loyalty carddue to be launched. 
  • Clean a nearby street sign
  • Provide seating for elderly
  • Participate in the Keep Safe Programme
  • Participate in Vibrant Communities Clean My Space programme

As an individual you could pledge to:

  • Pick up litter in the town centre when you see it
  • Commit to shopping local when possible
  • Challenge negative perceptions of Kilmarnock when witnessed and experienced
  • Fundraise for local charities. 
  • Participate and help to promote local events, Roon the Toon
  • Speak positively about your town
  • Share positive news of Kilmarnock on social media
  • Clear snow from front steps
  • Provide a positive welcome attitude

These are just some examples, there is so much you could do. See other people's Vow to Wow pledges.

Vow to Wow launch

Read about our launch event for Vow to Wow on November 21. Watch our video


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