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Viewers' comments

We regularly receive emails from viewers all over the world telling us how much you enjoy this feature of our website. We have published some of your comments below.

Perhaps you remember the places shown on our webcams and their surrounding areas? Memories of East Ayrshire are welcome and if you have any to share, let us know. If you'd like to send us a comment relating to our webcams please contact us using the details below.

Visitors' memories inspired by our webcam

"How great to see Kilmarnock, what a treat. I was born in Kilmarnock Maternity Home in 1959 and lived in Bellfield till 1979. I still miss K-Town. I see the 'Jimmy Hamilton' (my old High School) is East Ayrshire Council Offices now. I remember Radio Doctor. I spent my pocket money there too. I frequented the Sandriane and the Auld Killie - that's where all the good-looking guys went ! The Penny Post, Wheatsheaf, Thin Red Line, I remember the Goldberry...and the baths. At The Cross there was an old hardware store...it's Semi-Chem now. Hey ! How about the Council posts some pictures of Auld Kilmarnock for us out here in other parts of the world now? That would be great !" (I D, Canada)

"Great to see old Killie again. What have you done with the Hub? Can you still have high tea at Lauder the Bakers? Remember the Sandriane, the Goldberry and discos at the Dark Horse, and the Moka Cafe and great toasted cheese rolls at the Ritz Cafe in Bank Street!..and who can forget the Grand Hall? Oh well, happy days. Will keep watching." (A M, England)

"Does anyone remember the Radio Doctor, just up fae the auld baths? You could get Airfix kits and jokes. I loved that wee shop. Spent loads o' ma pocket money in there." (M C)

"I visit your webcam almost daily. Miss my home town. Thanks for the wee bit of home." (L M, Brampton, Canada)

"Your webcam system is the best that I've come across. We're 'following' our daughter around by tuning in to webcams, where available, at the various towns and cities she is visiting on her UK/European holiday. None of the London nor European cities' webcams that we've accessed are as clear and accurate as the ones in Kilmarnock. Congratulations!" (M B, Brisbane, Australia)

"Thanks for the webcam. I spent my early years in Killie on the Grange Estate and was one of the first pupils to attend the Grange Academy (think that's the name?) Now in England. It's nice to see the place again, although I've been back many times and seen a lot of changes over the years. Thanks for helping us ex-pats to stay in touch." (K W, England)

"I have recently found this site which has webcams in Kilmarnock - my birthplace. I was interested to read of the famous names associated with Kilmarnock especially Robert Burns. I moved to France just over two years ago and have been researching my family, only to discover that Tam O' Shanter was my gr. gr. gr. gr. grandfather - real name Douglas Graham. Why could I not have found this out whilst living in Scotland? The reason I'm sending you this comment is that it makes me proud to be an Ayrshire lassie and to watch the webcam in Kilmarnock takes me back. Thank you." (E C, La Saquiniere, France)

"Just a great webcam, look at it everyday. Lived in Hurlford till I came to Canada . This webcam keeps me in touch with home." (J S, Canada)

"I really like the webcams. I'm originally from Hurlford and now live in New Zealand. I love the fact that I can see Killie Cross from NZ! It would be great if there were more cams though, in Hurlford itself/the other Valley towns and other areas over East Ayrshire." (D L, New Zealand)

"Just a note to let you know how much pleasure I get from your webcam. I grew up in Stevenston and have many happy memories of shopping trips to Kilmarnock with my mother when I was young. I also remember going to dances there in the 60s. As I am unable to travel by air, due to ill health, I love to have a look on your webcam when I'm feeling a wee bit homesick." (L B, Queensland, Australia)

"My wife was born and raised in Buckie in Northern Scotland and we have visited many times over the last 11 years. So I keep a bunch of links to Scotland, especially Scottish webcams. I came across yours yesterday and was amazed that it was absolutely live. This is a great website and webcam. I will be visiting every day to see what is going on at The Cross. I just hope everyone would follow your example and put up some live webcams. Enjoy it tremendously. Have a great day." (J McD, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl)

"I check out the site every morning and even though your weather hasn't been that great I enjoy seeing The Cross. Thank you." (J C W, Ontario, Canada)

"When we were home for a holiday I pointed out to my family in Kilmarnock where your webcam was at The Cross , now with a text to their mobile phone they can give me a wave .....I look forward to seeing more webcams in the New Year ..... " (E M, Melbourne, Australia)

"I love your webcam at The Cross. Have a little look in most days. I was born and bred in Kilmarnock, so when I feel a little homesick I can always have a look at the town." (R W, Canada)

"I am just writing to tell you at East Ayrshire Council - thank you for having such great "live" webcams from Kilmarnock. My wife and I visit as often as we can, but when we can not be in Kilmarnock, it is just fantastic to look to see what is happening at The Cross." (M & S N, New York, USA)

"I would like to say that I lived in Galston (near Kilmarnock) all of my life and I'm in Australia now and these webcams are the best thing ever! What a great idea and thanks so much." (E, Western Australia)

"I look in on the webcams regularly from here in California and last Christmas I was able to look in on The Cross and see my friend Janice with her church group as they gathered at the Christmas tree to sing carols. Back when the webcam was trained on the church, I would see my friend wave to me as she went in for morning service - if I happened to be up in the middle of the night California time. A unique way to connect across the ocean! When I visited Scotland last year, one of the first things I just had to do was go to The Cross and see it live! " (L, San Jose, California)

"Been in Coleraine for 12 years now, but born and bred in Kilmarnock. I check into your webcams nearly every day and love seeing The Cross, great that's it's live. Hope in the future you can connect to some more in Kilmarnock. Great when I feel homesick to "look in" and see my old home town. Keep up the good work." (P B, Londonderry)

"Great to see Auld Killie online live! Even got my Old mum to give us a wave from The Cross! Amazing. Keep up the good work KLDC (it's been a while since I've been back!) " (P Scott, Wellington N.Z)

"I would like to convey my sincere thanks for your web cams and let you know how much I enjoy them." (P R, Florida, USA)

"I've been away from Killie for almost five years now... I just can't stop looking back at home from wherever I happen to be in the world... thank you so much for making it so easy to stay in touch with home ....." (J L)






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