Council vacancies

Reference Title Location
EAY001629Youth Worker (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY001630Senior Youth Worker (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY001745Supply Teacher (Secondary)Across East Ayrshire
EAY001746Supply Teacher (Primary)Across East Ayrshire
EAY001747Supply Cello Instructor (0.6)Across East Ayrshire
EAY001748Supply Woodwind InstructorAcross East Ayrshire
EAY001749Residential Worker (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY001937Gaelic Medium School TeacherAcross East Ayrshire
EAY001981Gaelic Medium Secondary School TeacherGrange Academy
EAY002210Catering Assistant (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002211Janitor (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002212School Crossing Patroller (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002213Cleaner (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002475Bank Personal CarerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002657Social Services Training Officer (Adult Support and Protection)John Dickie Street
EAY002663Bank Assistant Activities WorkerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002674Modern Apprentice Business AdminGreenholm Street
EAY002676Programme Co-ordinatorHolmquarry House, Holmquarry Road
EAY002687Catering ManagerMount Carmel Primary School
EAY002697Senior Personal CarerRoss Court, Titchfield Street, Galston
EAY002698Personal CarerRoss Court, Titchfield Street, Galston
EAY002699Personal CarerRoss Court, Titchfield Street, Galston
EAY002702Foster CarerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002707Modern Apprentice - Business AdminKilmarnock
EAY002711InternshipAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002712Principal TeacherDunlop Primary School
EAY002727Senior Early Learning and Childcare PractitionerShortlees Early Childhood Centre, Blacksyke Avenue, Kilmarnock
EAY002728Senior Early Learning and Childcare PractitionerCairns Early Childhood Centre
EAY002729Head of Early Childhood CentreFlowerbank Early Childhood Centre
EAY002746Streetscene Operative (Motorised Equipment)Western Road
EAY002751Modern Apprentice (Caretaker)Greenholm Street
EAY002752Learning and Development OfficerGreenholm Street
EAY002755Teacher of EnglishStewarton Academy
EAY002757Personal CarerCumnock
EAY002758Personal CarerThe Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY002759Clerical AssistantCumnock Area Centre, 1 Greenholm Road, Cumnock
EAY002761Housing OfficerDalmellington Area Centre, 33 Main Street, Dalmellington
EAY002770Personal CarerKilmarnock
EAY002771Personal CarerKilmarnock
EAY002772Personal CarerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002773Personal CarerCumnock
EAY002774Personal CarerCumnock
EAY002775Personal CarerCumnock
EAY002776Personal CarerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002784Personal CarerKilmarnock
EAY002789Clerical AssistantDalmellington Local Office
EAY002794Teacher of BiologyLoudoun Academy
EAY002795Payments Assistant8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY002806Teacher of ChemistryGrange Academy
EAY002807Senior Accountant8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY002810Teacher of ArtKilmarnock Academy
EAY002813Admin Assistant8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock

Contact Information

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