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Council vacancies

Reference Title Location
EAY002626Anti-Social Behaviour InvestigatorKilmarnock
EAY002607Assistant Business Support Analyst8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY002670Bank Activities WorkerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002669Bank Activities Worker (ASN)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002666Bank Activities Worker (Fun4Hire Driver)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002663Bank Assistant Activities WorkerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002664Bank Assistant Activities Worker (ASN)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002671Bank Community Health Activities WorkerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002475Bank Personal CarerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002672Bank Specialist Activities OfficerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002667Bank Youth Activities CoachAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002665Bank Youth Activities Worker (Driver)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002668Bank Youth Activities Worker (StreetSport)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002210Catering Assistant (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002213Cleaner (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002643Customer Service AdvisorDalmellington Local Office
EAY002645Customer Service AdvisorKilmarnock
EAY002646Customer Service AdvisorStewarton Local Office
EAY002648Customer Service AdvisorKilmarnock
EAY002621Day Service AssistantBalmoral Road, Kilmarnock
EAY002497Early Years Worker (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY001937Gaelic Medium School TeacherAcross East Ayrshire
EAY001981Gaelic Medium Secondary School TeacherGrange Academy
EAY002660Homecare ManagerNorth West Area Centre
EAY002211Janitor (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002641P08208 - Advanced PlumberCathcartson Depot, Cathcartson, Dalmellington
EAY002628Personal CarerCumnock
EAY002633Personal CarerKilmarnock
EAY002622Principal Teacher of Pupil SupportSt Joseph's Academy
EAY001749Residential Worker (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002212School Crossing Patroller (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY002696Senior Clerical AssistantKilmarnock
EAY002620Service ManagerKilmarnock
EAY002657Social Services Training Officer (Adult Support and Protection)John Dickie Street
EAY002682Streetscene ChargehandWestern Road
EAY002683Streetscene ChargehandThistle Business Park, Ayr Road, Cumnock
EAY002679Streetscene DriverThistle Business Park, Ayr Road, Cumnock
EAY002680Streetscene DriverWestern Road
EAY002681Streetscene DriverThistle Business Park, Ayr Road, Cumnock
EAY001747Supply Cello Instructor (0.6)Across East Ayrshire
EAY001746Supply Teacher (Primary)Across East Ayrshire
EAY001745Supply Teacher (Secondary)Across East Ayrshire
EAY001748Supply Woodwind InstructorAcross East Ayrshire
EAY002570Support AssistantThe Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY002407TeacherPark School
EAY002408TeacherPark School
EAY002686Teacher of ChemistryCumnock Academy
EAY002606Team ManagerThe Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY002701West of Scotland Loan Fund - Loan OfficerThe Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock


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Page last updated on5 March 2014
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