Council vacancies

Reference Title Location
EAY00214Activities Worker (ASN) Bank RegisterAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00200Activities Workers (Fun4hire) Bank RegisterAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00160Administration AssistantLoudoun Academy
EAY00212Assistant Activities Worker (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00177AuditorJohn Dickie Street
EAY00163Business Support Analyst (ICT)8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00162Business Support Analyst (Networks & Telephony)8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00194Catering Assistant (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00083Classroom Assistant (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00192Cleaner (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00209Clerical AssistantThe Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00188Clerical Assistant8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00137Community WorkerGreenholm Street
EAY00179Contract Administrator (Architecture)8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00195Crossing Patroller (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00161Day Service AssistantAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00159Depute Head Teacher at Auchinleck AcademyAuchinleck Academy
EAY00206Depute Head Teacher at St Joseph's AcademySt Joseph's Academy
EAY00082Early Learning & Childcare Practitioner (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00168Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner (Community)Hillbank Early Childhood Centre,North West Kilmarnock Area Centre, Western Road, Kilmarnock
EAY00193East Ayrshire Leisure Sport & Physical Activity CoachAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00149ElectricianBurnside Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00144Essential Skills Support WorkerJohn Dickie Street
EAY00198Events Assistant (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00191Facilities Assistant (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00167Head Teacher at Newmilns PrimaryNewmilms Primary School
EAY00220Housing Occupational TherapistJohn Dickie Street
EAY00148Housing OfficerCumnock Area Housing Office
EAY00150JoinerBurnside Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00183Modern Apprentice - Business AdministrationWestern Road
EAY00199Office Assistant (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00051Outdoor Amenities Bank RegisterAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00110Personal CarerCumnock
EAY00151Personal CarerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00176Personal CarerThe Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00153Personal CarerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00166Personal CarerCumnock
EAY00174Personal CarerKirklandside Hospital
EAY00085Personal Carer (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00080Primary Supply TeacherAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00140Primary Teacher at St Xaviers Primary SchoolSt Xavier's Primary School
EAY00205Principal Teacher of IDL, Technology and Enterprise at St Joseph's AcademySt Joseph's Academy
EAY00204Principal Teacher of Pupil Support at St Joseph's AcademySt Joseph's Academy
EAY00203Principal Teacher of Science at St Joseph's AcademySt Joseph's Academy
EAY00181Quantity Surveyor8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00084Residential Worker (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00182Roadworker (Gully Wagon Driver/Operator)Kilmarnock
EAY00081Secondary Supply TeacherAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00165Senior AuditorJohn Dickie Street
EAY00145Senior Clerical AssistantDarvel Primary School
EAY00219Senior Contract Administrator (Civil/Structural Engineering)8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00210Senior Contract Administrator (Electrical Engineering)8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00207Senior Contract Administrator (Mechanical Engineerining)8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00141Senior Personal CarerKilmarnock
EAY00154Senior Personal CarerKilmarnock
EAY00138Social WorkerAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00217Specialist Activities Officer (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00246Sports MentorAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00185Streetscene Driver (Cumnock)Thistle Business Park, Ayr Road, Cumnock
EAY00186Streetscene Driver (Kilmarnock)Western Road
EAY00143Support AssistantKilmarnock
EAY00146Talented Athlete InternshipAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00233Teacher of Art & Design at Stewarton AcademyStewarton Academy
EAY00232Teacher of Behaviour Support & ASN at Grange AcademyGrange Academy
EAY00236Teacher of Biology/Science at Stewarton AcademyStewarton Academy
EAY00235Teacher of Chemistry/Science at Stewarton AcademyStewarton Academy
EAY00201Teacher of English at Kilmarnock AcademyKilmarnock Academy
EAY00245Teacher of English at Stewarton AcademyStewarton Academy
EAY00157Teacher of Home Economics at Loudoun AcademyLoudoun Academy
EAY00208Teacher of Home Economics at St Joseph's AcademySt Joseph's Academy
EAY00230Teacher of Mathematics at Grange AcademyGrange Academy
EAY00202Teacher of Mathematics at Kilmarnock AcademyKilmarnock Academy
EAY00118Teacher of Music and Drama at Park SchoolPark School
EAY00234Teacher of Physics/Science at Stewarton AcademyStewarton Academy
EAY00231Teacher of Technical Education at Grange AcademyGrange Academy
EAY00187Team Manager (Unscheduled Care)The Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY00190Technical Officer/EngineerPan Ayrshire
EAY00086Volunteer Framework (Various Posts)Across East Ayrshire
EAY00048Waste Management Bank RegisterAcross East Ayrshire
EAY00215Youth Activities Coach (Bank Register)Across East Ayrshire

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