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Collection days

Your kerbside service operates on a four weekly collection cycle, with an example collection cycle operating as follows:

Week 1 - blue bin and black box

Week 2 - household residual waste bin - green 

Week 3 - brown bin and black box 

Week 4 - household residual waste bin - green

Week 5 - same as week 1  i.e. blue bin and black box.....

What to put in each bin:

  • your blue bin for paper and cardboard  is collected every 4 weeks
  • your brown bin for green garden waste  is collected every 4 weeks
  • your black box for glass, cans, aerosols and household batteries  is collected every 2 weeks along with either the blue or brown bin
  • your green bin for household residual waste is collected every 2 weeks and should be used for all household waste which cannot be recycled

Food waste and mixed plastics collections

Our weekly food waste and mixed plastics collection service is now being extended to all households.  Between August 2013 and August 2014, all households in East Ayrshire will start to benefit from this weekly collection service.  Where possible a different collection day has been allocated from the 3 bin and black box system (outlined above).  

Rural households

Black boxes will be uplifted along with the food waste bin and red box.  Full details of how the rural collection service operates are outlined on the rural service link.     

As the new food waste and plastics collection service is rolled out, we will provide you with a collection calendar detailing the complete services you will receive along with a range of leaflets - either a rural or urban service leaflet and a food leaflet.   Until  your receive your new calendar (which will be delivered with your new containers) please continue to access your collection calendar using the recycling calendar link. 

Households will be provided with the following additional containers:

  • a red box for mixed household plastics
  • a small secure green bin for food waste


Contact Information

Waste Management Services
Western Road Depot
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Telephone: 01563 554033
Fax: 01563 554053
Page last updated on31 July 2013
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