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Grange Academy


Grange Academy is a six year non-denominational school in Kilmarnock which shares a newly built single campus with Annanhill Primary School and Park Special School. Grange Academy serves as the Gaelic hub for East Ayrshire and the Confucius hub for East, North and South Ayrshire.

Grange Academy enjoys very close links with its associated primary schools which include Annanhill, Bellfield, Crosshouse, Gargieston and Shortlees Primaries. Close links with our partner schools on campus has provided the opportunity to develop an innovative transition programme. The science department plays an important part in the transition programme and is currently implementing our ambitious sustainability programme, which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and change behaviours through a shared understanding of sustainable education by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.


The school has a roll of 1132 pupils and a total of 104 teaching and non-teaching staff. In managing the school, the Head Teacher is supported by five Depute Head Teachers, five principal teachers of guidance and 13 principal teachers.

Curricular and extra-curricular opportunities

A full and varied package of courses is available to students. Pupils in S1 and S2 follow a common course with the addition of electives to allow for personalisation and choice. As pupils move into S3, the majority follow eight courses at Standard Grade or National Qualification level. Over 80% of pupils stay on at school into fifth year, with increasing numbers choosing to remain at school for a sixth year. In partnership with other local schools and Kilmarnock College, a wide range of Advanced Higher courses is available to sixth year students.

A key feature of Grange Academy is the emphasis which is given to support for pupils who experience learning and/or other difficulties. The school has a thriving additional support needs department which offers assistance to the full range of pupils at all levels and particular support for those who require an alternative, flexible curriculum.

Grange Academy accommodates a special unit for pupils with impaired hearing. It caters for children drawn from a wide geographic area. Pupils follow a normal school timetable, usually accompanied by one of their own specialist teachers. In addition, pupils receive one-to-one support in the unit. Many mainstream pupils have learned British Sign Language in order to communicate with their peers in the HI unit.

Visually impaired pupils are also accommodated within the school, with work adapted to enable them to participate in regular classes. Specialist staff  prepare the work and support pupils in class.

The school has a wide range of international links with a range of countries and has welcomed over 300 international visitors in recent years, including seven student teachers from Sweden who have completed student placements at the school.

The school is one of three secondary schools in Scotland to be invited, in Partnership with LTS and Tapestry, to participate in the Silk Road project. This developing aspect of our school work is an interdisciplinary theme using the Silk Road as a context for learning. It will enable pupils to develop a greater understanding of the local and global community. A focus on music will be the stimulus for learning in other curriculum areas including art, social subjects, physical education, sciences, mathematics and Chinese.

Grange Academy won the Entrepreneurial Learning Award category in the 2010 Scottish Education Awards.

A large number of extra-curricular opportunities exist for pupils. In music, our choirs are well known and regularly perform at charity events. We have a thriving drama department, with a range of performance opportunities each session. Our sporting successes are numerous and we have recently been named as a School of Sport for football and rugby.

Other Information

The achievements of pupils in raising money for charity have again been exceptional. The school community can be very proud that in total over £7,000 was raised for charitable causes last session, including £5300 in support of Children in Need.