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Central North Local Grants Committee

Number of members - 7

Further information

Chair - Councillor Jim Buchanan

Vice-Chair - Councillor Helen Coffey


Altonhill, Beansburn and Dean (Part), Crookedholm, Glasgow Road District, Hurlford, Kay Park (Part), Knockinlaw, Loanhead, Longpark (Part), New Farm Loch, Onthank, Scott Ellis, South Dean, Southcraigs, Wardneuk and Wellpark areas (Wards 2 and 4)

Terms of reference

To receive, consider and make decisions about Community Grant applications relevant specifically to the Local Grants Committee's area.

Delegated powers

Processing applications for financial assistance relevant specifically to the Committee's area, including Housing Association Grants.



Contact Information

Democratic Services Admin
Telephone: 01563 576137
Page last updated on2 November 2011
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