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Supplementary planning guidance

Developer contributions

Developer contributions are defined in the East Ayrshire Local Plan as:

'contributions made by developers to provide, or help provide, new infrastructure, facilities or amenities, or to supplement existing provision, where these are required as a consequence of the development being proposed on its own, or as a result of the cumulative impact of development in the area.'

You can download a guide under Further Information which sets out the basis for a comprehensive, consistent and transparent approach to implementing our developer contributions. 


A masterplan is defined in the Local Plan as:

'a plan produced by a potential developer setting out how a site will be developed. The plan will describe and illustrate the proposed urban form of the proposed development in three dimensions and explain how that form will be achieved and the intended vision for the place, describing how the proposal will be implemented and setting out the costs, phasing and timing of the development.'

You can view the guide under Further Information which sets out the Council's requirements for the preparation and submission of masterplans.

Wind energy development

A Landscape Wind Capacity Study has been produced to help inform the preparation of the Council’s new Local Development Plan and to provide guidance on the landscape implications of planning applications for wind farms and wind turbines.  The study has been approved as non-statutory planning guidance and will be treated as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

Both the main study and the appendix can be viewed from the Further Information section. 

In order to support the implementation of the wind energy policy as set out in the Ayrshire Joint Structure Plan, an Addendum to the Structure Plan Technical Report TR03/2006 has been approved by East, North and South Ayrshire Councils.  It has not been adopted as supplementary planning guidance but the document is intended to give greater clarity to developers.  It outlines where wind farm proposals are likely to be supported and provides further details of the criteria used to assess applications. 

The guidance can be downloaded under Further Information.

Cumnock town centre regeneration masterplan

East Ayrshire Council has identified that the regeneration of Cumnock Town Centre is a priority which must be addressed in an integrated way. The purpose of the masterplan is to provide a development framework for the regeneration of Cumnock Town Centre.

You can view the masterplan from the Further Information section.

Knockroon design code

The Knockroon design code provides a detailed set of rules for the design of the Knockroon development on the western edge of Cumnock. This development will provide 770 residential units with the provision of associated shops, work places, commercial spaces, community facilities and open space. The Knockroon design code is a material consideration in the determination of all planning applications for this site.

You can view the design code from the Further Information section.

Kilmarnock John Finnie Street and Bank Street conservation area appraisal and management plan

The Conservation Area appraisal and management plan for the John Finnie Street and Bank Street Conservation Area sets out the special character and significance of Kilmarnock’s historic core. The plan assesses how the conservation area may be vulnerable to change and sets out planning and implementation guidelines which will guide future development in the area, in support of the Kilmarnock Townscape Heritage Initiative. 

You can view the Conservation Area appraisal and management plan from the Further Information section.

Cumnock conservation area appraisal

The Cumnock Conservation Area appraisal provides an analysis of the character and appearance of the conservation area and identifies the important features that should be preserved and enhanced. The document provides a framework for the positive management of the area and supports the aims of the Cumnock Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme.

You can view the Conservation Area appraisal from the Further Information section.


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